Michigan Vintage Base Ball
Unofficial Scores
by timStats, LLC

Michigan Vintage Base Ball Master Schedule - Men (2020)

As of 2020-03-30 16:39:50.

This page lists all known games and results for the vintage base ball teams of both Michigan and the Northern Alliance of Vintage Ballists. To report games, schedules, or scores, contact the webmaster via a tweet to TimsSports, the feedback form, or e-mail to contact+vbb {at} timsSports.com. All times are Michigan time (Eastern Time) unless noted.

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2020-03 (March)

2020-03-22 (W12)

Akron OH at Florida Games.
Canton at Oaklands Cup TN.

2020-04 (April)

2020-04-26 (W17)

Akron Black Stockings Round Robin (Stan Hywet Gardens – Akron, OH).
◊ T12:00 Eastwood OH at Akron OH.
◊ T13:30 Canal Fulton OH at Akron OH.
◊ T15:00 Canal Fulton OH vs. Eastwood OH - non MI/NAVB game.

2020-05 (May)

2020-05-02 (W18)

Frankenmuth at Flint (UM Flint – Flint, MI).
T13:00 Walker Tavern at Detroit Early Risers (Historic Fort Wayne – Detroit, MI).
T14:00 Douglas, Rockford at Tulip Time Festival.

Caesars Creek Games (Caesar's Creek Pioneer Village – Waynesville, OH).
◊ NAVB Teams: Akron OH, Columbus Buckeyes OH.

2020-05-03 (W18)

[NAVB Crossover] Akron OH, Addison PA at Locust Corner OH (Cincinnati/Dayton venue TBA).
T13:00-04:00 Benton Harbor, House of David at Chicago Salmon IL (Lincoln Park – Chicago, IL).
T13:00 Lah-De-Dahs at Royal Oak (Starr Jaycee Park – Royal Oak).
T13:00 Walker Tavern at Detroit Early Risers (Historic Fort Wayne).
T14:00 Stockbridge at Northville (Ford Field Park – Northville, MI).

2020-05-09 (W19)

2nd Annual Bear Clan Invitational (Huroc Park – Flat Rock, MI).
◊ Teams: Flat Rock (host), Bay City, Canton, Walker Tavern.

2020-05-16 (W20)

T12:00 Cheboygan at Str Farmhouse-Nankin.
Sidney at Grand Ledge Victorian Days.
Sylvania OH vs. Detroit Early Risers (Ida Community Day – Ida, MI).

T12:00 Stockton Cup (UM-Flint–Flint, MI).
◊ Flint (host), Dexter, Northville, Royal Oak.

Route 40 Pike Festival 1860s BB Exhibition (California University – Scenery Hill, PA).
◊ NAVB Teams: Akron OH, Locust Corner OH.

2020-05-17 (W20)

"Detroit BBC" v. Detroit Franklins (Ol' Scratch Memorial Game at Elizabeth Park – Trenton, MI).
Rochester at Woodstock, ON, CAN for two games.
Wyandotte MI at Richmond (Beebe Park).

2020-05-23 (W21)

2020-05-23/2020-05-24; Nashville Tournament (Rippavilla Plantation – Spring Hill, TN)
◊ Teams: Locust Corner OH, TBA.

2020-05-24 (W21)

Quail Cup (Quailcrest Farms – Wooster, OH).
◊ Game times 12:00, 13:30, 15:00.
◊ Teams: Akron OH, Alliance OH, Mansfield OH.

2020-05-25 (W22)

T12:00 Gatling Gun: Canton, Detroit Franklins at Royal Oak (Starr Jaycee Park).

2020-05-30 (W22)

T13:00 Chelsea Monitors at Rochester (Van Hoosen Farm – Rochester Hills, MI).

2020-05-31 (W22)

T13:00 Bay City at Royal Oak (Starr Jaycee Park).
T13:00 Dexter at Nankin (Garden City, MI).
T13:00 Northville at Woodstock ON (Woodstock, ON, CAN).
T14:00 Canton at Walker Tavern (Cambridge Junction State Park – Brooklyn, MI)

Akron NAVB Round Robin (Stan Hywet Gardens).
◊ T12:00 [NAVB] Alliance OH at Akron OH.
◊ T13:30 [NAVB Crossover] Locust Corner OH at Akron OH.
◊ T15:00 [NAVB Crossover] Alliance OH vs. Locust Corner OH.

2020-06 (June)

2020-06-06 (W23)

T13:00 Str Farmhouse-Nankin at Rochester (Van Hoosen Farm).
T14:00 Douglas at South Haven (Kids Corner Park – South Haven, MI).
T14:00 Mt Clemens at Northville (Ford Field Park – Northvile).

Longmark Tournament.
◊ Teams: Saginaw (host), Bay City, Walker Tavern, others TBA.

Silver Axe Battle (Columbus, Ohio)
◊ Teams: Canton, others TBA.

2020-06-06/2020-06-07 Wyandotte Ghostriders Mayors Cup (Stepping Stones Park – Upper Sandusky, OH)
◊ MI/NAVB Teams: Detroit Early Risers.

2020-06-07 (W23)

Canton at Columbus Buckeyes OH - doubleheader?
Richmond at Str Farmhouse-Nankin.
T13:00 Dexter at Royal Oak (Star Jaycee Park).

2020-06-13 (W24)

T11:00 Detroit Franklins at Stockbridge.
T13:00 Mt Clemens at Rochester (Van Hoosen Farm).
T14:00 Battle Creek at Douglas (Beery Field – Douglas, MI).
T14:00 Canton at Northville (Ford Field Park – Northville).
T14:00 Flint at Dexter (St. Joseph Country Campus–Dexter MI).

T10:00 Rockford Start of Summer Celebration (Courtland Street Park – Rockford).
◊ Teams: Rockford (Host), Cheboygan, Frankenmuth, Sidney, others TBA

2020-06-14 (W24)

Canton at Lah De Dahs (Greenfield Village – Dearborn, MI).
T13:00 Mt Clemens at Detroit Early Risers (Historic Fort Wayne - Detroit).
T14:00 Royal Oak at Sylvania OH (Genacross Lutheran Home – Toledo, OH).

Waveland Cup (Lexington KY)
◊ Teams: Locust Corner OH, others TBA.

2020-06-20 (W25)

Michigan VBB Festival, Day 1 (Frankenmuth, MI).
◊ [NAVB] Locust Corner OH at Frankenmuth.
◊ Michigan teams: Frankenmuth, Canton, Chelsea, Dexter, Flat Rock, Flint, Kalamazoo, Mt. Clemens, Nankin, Northville, Richmond, Rockford, Royal Oak, Saginaw, Sidney, Stockbridge, Walker Tavern, Wyandotte.
◊ NAVB teams: Addison PA, Akron OH, Alliance OH, Columbus Capitals OH, Locust Corner OH.
◊ Other out of state teams: Drovertown IN, Columbus Buckeyes OH, Edgefield TN, Fillmore MN, Mansfield OH, Milwaukee Cream Citys WI, Spiegel Grove OH, Star BBC of Colo. Terr, Sylvania OH, Union MN.

2020-06-21 (W25)

Detroit Early Risers at Lah De Dahs (Greenfield Village).

Michigan VBB Festival, Day 2 (Frankenmuth, MI).
◊ [NAVB] Columbus Capitals OH at Frankenmuth.
◊ [NAVB] Flat Rock at Frankenmuth.
◊ Other games and times TBA.

2020-06-24 (W26)

T18:30 Elkhart Co IN at Sturgis.

2020-06-27 (W26)

Flat Rock at Bay City.
Richmond at Flint (UM-Flint).
T12:00 Ludington at Cheboygan - doubleheader.
T13:00 Elkhart Co IN, Kalamazoo at South Haven.
T13:30 Northville at Lah-De-Dahs (Greenfield Village).
T14:00 Chicago Salmon IL at Douglas (Beery Field).

Walker Tavern Wheels Invitational (Cambridge Junction State Park).
◊ Teams: Walker Tavern (host), Rochester, others TBA.

2020-06-27/2020-06-28 Menominee (WI) Festival.
◊ Teams: Menominee Blue Caps (host), Detroit Early Risers, Str Farmhouse-Nankin, Brandywine PA, Essex MA, Highlanders IN, Rum River MN, Somonauk IL, Springfield Long 9 IL, St Louis Brown Stockings MO.

2020-06-28 (W26)

T14:00 Dexter at Chelsea.

T11:00 Western Reserve Cup (Lakewood Historical Society – Cleveland, OH).
◊ Game times: 11:00, 12:30, 14:00.
◊ Teams: Akron OH, others TBA.

2020-07 (July)

2020-07-11 (W28)

T13:00 Royal Oak at Rochester - conflicts with Rochester at Akron Cup.
T14:00 Wyandotte MI at Dexter (St. Joseph Country Campus).
Benton Harbor, Elkhart Co IN at House of David.
Mt Clemens at Frankenmuth.
Richmond vs. Dalton and Family - exhibition? (Venue tbd).

2020-07-11T09:00/2020-07-12T16:00 Akron Cup (Stan Hywet Gardens).
◊ Michigan/NAVB Teams: Akron (Host), Addison PA, Alliance OH, Canal Dover OH, Columbus Capitals OH, Canton, Flat Rock, Locust Corner OH, Rochester.
◊ Other Teams: Chagrin Falls OH, Cleveland Blues OH, Spiegel Grove OH.

2020-07-12 (W28)

T13:00 "Detroit BBC" at Detroit Early Risers (Historic Fort Wayne - Detroit).
T13:00 Walker Tavern at Bay City.
T14:00 Woodstock ON at Northville (Ford Field Park–Northville).

2019-07-18 (W29)

Akron OH at Berlin BBC-Millersburg OH.
T14:00 Douglas at Cheboygan.

Ludington Mariners Tournament (Historic White Pines Village – Ludington, MI).
◊ Ludington (host), Cheboygan, Sidney, other teams TBA.

2020-07-18/2020-07-19 11th Annual Gettysburg Tournament (Schroeder Farms – Gettysburg, PA).
◊ Michigan/NAVB Teams: Addison PA, Bay City, Canton, Flat Rock, Walker Tavern.

2019-07-19 (W29)

T13:00 Battle Creek at Royal Oak (Starr-Jaycee Park).
T13:00 Northville at Detroit Early Risers (Historic Fort Wayne – Detroit).
T14:00 Chelsea at Dexter (St. Joseph Country Campus) - St. Joes Summer Festival

2019-07-25 (W30)

T14:00 Douglas at Cheboygan.

Historic BB Days (Historic Fort Wayne – Detroit).
◊ Michigan Teams: Detroit Early Risers (host), "Detroit BBC", Dexter, Flat Rock, Richmond, Royal Oak, Stockbridge, Wyandotte Stars.
◊ Other Teams: Moscow OH, Sylvania OH, Warsaw IN, Wyandotte OH.

2019-07-26 (W30)

T14:00 Northville at Flat Rock (Huroc Park).

2020-08 (August)

2020-08-01 (W31)

Rochester at Canton (Heritage Park – Canton, MI).
T13:00 Bay City at Stockbridge.
T13:00 Detroit Early Risers at Walker Tavern (Cambridge Junction State Park).

2020-08-02 (W31)

T13:30 Dexter at Lah-De-Dahs (Greenfield Village).
T14:00 Flat Rock at Walker Tavern (Cambridge Junction State Park).
Detroit Franklins vs. Richmond (at Memphis, MI).

T11:00 Akron Round Robin (Stan Hywet Gardens).
◊ T11:00, Chagrin Falls Forest City OH at Akron OH.
◊ T12:30, Cincinnati Red Stockings OH at Akron OH .
◊ T14:00, Chagrin Falls OH vs. Cincinnati Red Stockings OH .

2020-08-07 (W32)

2020-08-07/2020-08-09 Silver Ball Tournament (Genesee County Village – Mumford, NY).
◊ Michigan/NAVBTeams: Akron OH, Northville, Rochester.

2020-08-08 (W32)

T13:00 Dexter at Wyandotte MI.
T14:00 Douglas at House of David.
T14:00 House of David at Elkhart Co IN - conflicts with Douglas at House of David above.

Sidney Heritage Days Tournament (Montcalm Community College).
◊ Teams: Sidney (host), Frankenmuth, Ludington, others TBA.

2020-08-08/2020-08-09 World Tournament (Greenfield Village – Dearborn, MI)
◊ Michigan Teams: Bay City, Canton, Flat Rock, Walker Tavern.

2020-08-15 (W33)

Detroit Early Risers vs. TBA at ABC Days.
Locust Corner at Indy Blues (at Richmond, IN)
Sidney at Kalamazoo (Flesher Field).
T12:00 Stockbridge at Lah De Dahs (Greenfield Village).
T13:00 [NAVB] Akron at Canal Dover (Schoonover Stadium – Kent, OH) - Ronald McDonald House Charity Game.
T14:00 Ludington at Douglas (Beery Field).

2020-08-16 (W33)

T14:00 Nankin at Dexter (St. Joseph Country Campus) - Dexter Daze.
T14:00 Flint at Northville (Ford Field Park–Northville).
T14:00 Royal Oak at Lah-De-Dahs (Greenfield Village).
Spiegel Grove OH at Canton (Heritage Park).
Wyandotte MI at Richmond (Beebe Park).

2020-08-22 (W34)

T14:00; Douglas at Elkhart Co IN (Wayside Park – Nappanee, IN).
Walker Tavern v. Addison PA and Frosty Sons of Thunder at venue TBA

2020-08-23 (W34)

T13:00, Northville at Rochester (Van Hoosen Farm).
T14:00, Royal Oak at Dexter (St. Joseph Country Campus) - game time 1 or 2 PM TBA.
T14:00 Akron OH, Dayton Clod Busters OH at Canal Fulton (St. Helena Heritage Park – Canal Fulton, OH).
Walker Tavern vs. Ohio Opponent TBA.

2020-08-29 (W35)

Wyandotte Stars Festival (Wyandotte Memorial Park)
◊ Teams: Wyandotte Stars (host), Detroit Early Risers.

2020-08-30 (W35)

T13:00 Saginaw at Royal Oak (Starr-Jaycee Park).
T13:00 Walker Tavern at Flat Rock (Huroc Park).
T14:00 Dexter at Northville (Ford Field Park–Northville).

2020-09 (September)

2020-09-01 (W36)

2020-09-01, Royal Oak vs. Str Farmhouse-Nankin (Elizabeth Park–Trenton, MI) - Somewhere in Time Festival/Inaugural Ol' Scratch Memorial Game.

2020-09-05 (W36)

Ohio Cup, Day 1 (Ohio Village – Columbus, OH).
◊ Teams: Ohio Village Muffins (host), Akron OH, Canton, Cincy Red Stockings OH, Rochester, others TBA.

2020-09-06 (W36)

Ohio Cup, Day 2 (Ohio Village).
◊ MI/NAVB Teams: Akron OH, Canton, Rochester.
◊ Other Teams: Ohio Village Muffins (host), Columbus Buckeyes OH, others TBA.

2020-09-12 (W37)

T14:00 Northville at Nankin (Garden City, MI).
Mt Clemens at Bay City.

Fallassburgh Fall Fest (Lowell, MI).
◊ Teams: Rockford (host), Sidney, others TBA

2020-09-13 (W37)

T13:00 Walker Tavern at Rochester (Van Hoosen Farm).
Detroit Early Risers vs. TBA at Holly.
Str Farmhouse-Nankin vs. Richmond (Fort Gratiot, MI)

2020-09-19 (W38)

T12:00 Lah-De-Dahs at Northville (Ford Field Park–Northville).

T13:30 Nappanee Apple Festival (Nappanee, IN)
◊ Teams: Elkhart Co (host), Chicago IL, Benton Harbor

2020-09-20 (W38)

T13:00 Detroit Early Risers at Northville (Ford Field Park – Northville).
T14:00 Chicago Salmon IL at House of David.
[NAVB] Akron OH at Canal Dover OH (Dover, OH).

2020-09-26 (W39)

Michigan State Cup Tournament hosted by Bay City.
◊ Teams: Bay City (host), Canton, Walker Tavern, others TBA.

Rockford Harvest Fest (Rockford, MI).
◊ Teams: Rockford (host), Ludington, Sidney, others TBA.

2020-09-27 (W39)

Detroit Franklins, Wyandotte MI at Detroit Early Risers (Historic Fort Wayne – Detroit).

2020-10 (October)

2020-10-04 (W40)

T13:00, Sylvania OH vs. Royal Oak (Tollgate Farms – Novi, MI).

The Battle for Ohio/Norton Cider Festival (Columbia Woods Park - Norton, OH).
◊ NAVB Teams: Akron OH, Locust Corner OH.

2020-10-10 (W41)

NAVB Tournament, at Columbus OH (hosted by Columbus Capitals?)
◊ Format and pairings TBA.

NAVB Teams:

◊ Schedules posted: Akron OH, Flat Rock, Frankenmuth, Locust Corner OH.

◊ Schedules needed: Addison PA · Alliance OH · Canal Dover OH · Columbus Capitals OH.

Other Michigan Teams:

◊ Schedules posted: Bay City, Canton, Cheboygan, Detroit Early Risers, Dexter, Douglas, Ludington, Northville, Richmond, Rochester, Royal Oak, Sidney, Stockbridge, Walker Tavern.

◊ Schedules needed: Battle Creek · Benton Harbor · Chelsea · Detroit Franklins · Flint · Greenfield Village (L&N) · House of David · Kalamazoo · Lapeer · Midland · Mt Clemens · Nankin · Rockford · Saginaw · South Haven · Wyandotte.