Michigan Vintage Base Ball
Unofficial Scores
by timStats, LLC

Michigan Vintage Base Ball Missing Scores - Men (2019)

As of 2020-03-10 17:30:12.

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2019-04 (April)

2019-04-27, Canton Cornshuckers at Straight Farmhouse-Nankin (Miller Elementary -- Canton, Mich.)
2019-04-28T15:00, Blossom Queens at House of David Echoes (Eden Springs Park)

2019-05 (May)

Unreported Games

2019-05-04, Douglas Dutchers v. Continentals-Kalamazoo at Holland Tulip Time Festival
2019-05-04T13:00, Franklins-Detroit at Straight Farmhouse-Nankin (Miller Elementary)

2019-05-11: Flat Rock Bear Clan Invitational (Huroc Park)
◊ 10:00, (Semifinal) Canton Cornshuckers defeat Bear Clan-Flat Rock, no score
◊ 12:00, (Semifinal) Walker Tavern Wheels defeat Bay City Independents, no score
◊ 14:00, (Consolation) Bay City Independents defeat Bear Clan-Flat Rock (7 inn), no score

2019-05-18, Fallassburgh Flats win at Straight Farmhouse-Nankin, NSR (Levan Knoll – Livonia, MI)
2019-05-18T13:00, Bear Clan-Flat Rock at Saginaw Old Golds (Ojibway Park)

2019-05-18: Addison Mountain Stars (PA) Tournament
◊ Canton Cornshuckers at Addison Mountain Stars
◊ Canton Cornshuckers v. Somerset Frosty Sons of Thunder (PA)
◊ Canton Cornshuckers v. Somerset Co Sweet Water Boilers Picked 9 (PA)

2018-05-18: Hamtramck Festival (Hamtramck Stadium)
◊ Baviarians-Frankenmuth v. TBA.
◊ Rochester Grangers v. TBA.
◊ Wyandotte Stars v. TBA.

2019-05-18 & 19: Michigan vs. Ohio Classic (Host: Columbus Capitals)
◊ Bay City Independents v. TBA.
◊ Saginaw Old Golds v. TBA.

2019-05-25, Bay City Independents at Rochester Grangers (Van Hoosen Park)
2019-05-26, Straight Farmhouse-Nankin at Richmond Bees (Beebe Park)
2019-05-26T13:00, Livery Brewers-Benton Harbor at House of David Echoes (Eden Springs Park)

Postponed Games

2019-05-04T13:00, Richmond Bees at Wyandotte Stars (Memorial Field)

2019-06 (June)

2019-06-01, Richmond Bees at Regulars-Mt Clemens
2019-06-01T12:00, Gatling Gun: Continentals-Kalamazoo, Livery-Brewers-Benton Harbor at South Haven Bark Peelers
2019-06-01T13:00, Lumber City-Flint at Rochester Grangers (Van Hoosen Park)

2019-06-01 & 02: Unidentified Columbus Tournament (Neither Capitals nor Buckeyes)
◊ Canton Cornshuckers v. TBA.

2019-06-01 & 02, Wyandotte Ghostriders Mayor's Cup (Stepping Stones Park -- Upper Sandusky, OH)
◊ Need first day's results for Early Risers-Detroit and Wyandotte Stars.
◊ 2019-06-02T12:00 (Field 3), Wyandotte Stars v. Whiskey Island Shamrocks -- Day 2 rained out.

2019-06-02T13:00, Monitors-Chelsea at Rough & Readys-Stockbridge (Gregory Field -- Gregory, MI)

2019-06-02: Chicago Salmon Round Robin (Lincoln Park -- Chicago, IL)
◊ 14:15-05:00, Douglas Dutchers at Chicago Salmon
◊ 15:30-05:00, Douglas Dutchers v. Elkhart Co Railroaders (IN)

2019-06-08T13:00, Regulars-Mt Clemens at Bear Clan-Flat Rock (Huroc Park)
2019-06-08T13:30, Lah-De-Dahs v. Nationals (Greenfield Village)

2019-06-08: Saginaw Old Golds Longmark Tournament (at Ojibway Island)
◊ 09:00, Saginaw Old Golds defeat Bay City Independents, no score.
◊ 11:00, Wahoos-Royal Oak v. Walker Tavern Wheels
◊ 13:00, Bay City Independents v. 11 am Defeated Team
◊ 15:00, 11 am Winning Team at Saginaw Old Golds

2019-06-08 & 09: Columbus Capitals (OH) Festival
◊ Bear Clan-Flat Rock v. TBD.
◊ Canton Cornshuckers v. TBD.

2019-06-09, Bavarians-Frankenmuth at Rochester Grangers (Van Hoosen Park)
2019-06-09, Richmond Bees at Lapeer Tigers
2019-06-09T13:00, Straight Farmhouse-Nankin at Early Risers-Detroit (Historic Fort Wayne)

2019-06-15: Fallassburgh Flats Start of Summer Celebration (Rockford, MI)
◊ Fallasburgh Flats v. TBD.
◊ Regulars-Mt Clemens v. TBD.

2019-06-22 & 23: Douglas Dutchers Dudleyville Festival (Beery Field)
◊ Douglas Dutchers v. TBD.
◊ South Haven Bark Peelers v. TBD.
◊ 3rd Michigan Volunteer Infantry Company F v. TBD.
◊ Elkhart Co Railroaders (IN) v. TBD.

2019-06-22: Michigan Festival: Day 1 hosted by Frankenmuth Bavarians
◊ 08:30 (Field 1/Uncle Sam Quarterfinal) Regulars-Mt Clemens defeat Colo Terr All-Stars, no score
◊ 08:30 (Field 2/Uncle Sam Quarterfinal) Juneaus-Milwaukee WI defeat Bavarians-Frankenmuth, no score
◊ 08:30 (Field 5) Bay City Independents v. Richmond Bees
◊ 10:00 (F4) Walker Tavern Wheels v. Straight Farmhouse-Nankin
◊ 10:00 (F5) Greenfield Village Lah-De-Dahs v. Alliance Crossing Rails (OH)
◊ 10:00 (F6) Lumber City-Flint v. OH Village Muffins.
◊ 11:30 (F3) Wyandotte Stars v. Shanty Boys-Cheboygan
◊ 11:30 (F6) Bear Clan-Flat Rock defeats Lapeer Tigers, no score
◊ 12:00 (F2) Continentals-Kalamazoo v. Union-Dexter
◊ 13:00 (F3) Walker Tavern Wheels v. Addison Mountain Stars (PA)
◊ 13:00 (F5) Saginaw Old Golds v. Warsaw Highlanders (IN)
◊ 14:30 (F3) Richmond Bees v. OH Village Muffins
◊ 14:30 (F5) Lumber City-Flint v. Wyandotte Stars
◊ 14:30 (F6) Greenfield Village Lah-De-Dahs at Bavarians-Frankenmuth
◊ 16:00 (F6) Straight Farmhouse-Nankin v. Early Risers-Detroit
◊ 16:15 (F2) Fallassburgh Flats defeat Union-Dexter, no score
◊ 17:30 (F6) Lapeer Tigers v. Continentals-Kalamazoo

2019-06-23: Michigan Festival: Day 2 (Frankenmuth, Mich.)
◊ 08:30 (Field 4) Richmond Bees v. Drovertown Black Flags (IN)
◊ 10:00 (F1) Bay City Independents v. Ohio Village Muffins
◊ 10:00 (F2) Straight Farmhouse-Nankin v. Union-Dexter
◊ 10:00 (F4) Lapeer Tigers v. Warsaw Highlanders (IN)
◊ 10:00 (F5) Wahoos-Royal Oak v. Spiegel Grove Squires (OH)
◊ 11:30 (F2) Early Risers-Detroit v. TBA.
◊ 11:30 (F3) Continentals-Kalamazoo at Bavarians-Frankenmuth
◊ 11:30 (F5) Canton Cornshuckers v. Capitals-Columbus (OH)
◊ 13:00 (F2) Regulars-Mt Clemens v. Drovertown Black Flags (IN)
◊ 14:30 (F1) Lapeer Tigers v. Wahoos-Royal Oak
◊ 14:30 (F4) Early Risers-Detroit v. Continentals-Kalamazoo
◊ 14:30 (F5) Wyandotte Stars v. Rough and Readys-Stockbridge
◊ 16:00 (F1): Walker Tavern v. Bay City -- canceled.
◊ 16:00 (F2) Union-Dexter v. Saginaw Old Golds

2019-06-26T18:30, Elkhart Co Railroaders (IN) at Sturgis Biscuits (2 games at Franks Park)
2019-06-29, Canton Cornshuckers at Richmond Bees (Beebe Park)
2019-06-29, House of David Echoes at Hooterville Hitters (Watervliet Festival)

2019-06-29: Chelsea Monitors Ironclad Festival (Chelsea High School)
◊ 10:00, Wyandotte Stars v. Wahoos-Royal Oak
◊ 11:00, Wahoos-Royal Oak v. Franklins-Detroit
◊ 13:00, Wyandotte Stars v. Franklins-Detroit

2019-06-29: Walker Tavern Wheels Invitational (Cambridge Junction State Park)
◊ Semifinal: Walker Tavern Wheels defeat Greenfield Village Lah-De-Dahs, no score
◊ Semifinal: Saginaw Old Golds defeat Rochester Grangers, no score
◊ Consolation: Greenfield Village Lah-DeDeahs defeat Rochester Grangers, no score
◊ Championship: Saginaw Old Golds at Walker Tavern Wheels

2019-06-30T13:00, Early Risers-Detroit at Rough and Readys-Stockbridge (Gregory Field)

2019-07 (July)

Unreported Games

2019-07-04, Gatling Gun: Livery Brewers-Benton Harbor, South Haven Bark Peelers at House of David Echoes (Eden Springs Park)
2019-07-13, Bavarians-Frankenmuth at Saginaw Old Golds
2019-07-13, Continentals-Kalamazoo at South Haven Bark Peelers
2019-07-13T13:00, Gatling Gun: Lapeer Tigers, Wyandotte Stars at Lumber City-Flint Carriage Town Classic (UM-Flint)
2019-07-13T13:00, Monitors-Chelsea at Livery Brewers-Benton Harbor

2019-07-13: Sylvania Cup hosted by Great Black Swamp Frogs at Pacesetter Park - Sylvania, OH.
◊ 12:00 (Field 1), Straight Farmhouse-Nankin vs. Whiskey Island Shamrocks OH
◊ 14:00 (Field 2), Straight Farmhouse-Nankin vs. Sauder Village Windmills OH

2019-07-13: Ludington Mariner Cup (Historic White Pine Village)
◊ 09:30, (Semifinal) Fallassburgh Flats defeat Ludington Mariners, no score
◊ 13:00, (Consolation) Ludington Mariners defeat Shanty Boys-Cheboygan, no score

2019-07-14, Bay City Independents v. TBA at Chicago \\ doubleheader.
2019-07-14T13:00, Spiegel Grove Squires (OH) at Rochester Grangers (Van Hoosen Park)
2019-07-14T14:00, Elkhart Co Railroaders (IN) at House of David Echoes (Eden Springs Park)
2019-07-14T14:00, Wahoos-Royal Oak at Walker Tavern Wheels (Cambridge Junction State Park)

2019-07-14: Akron Cup (Stan Hywet -- Akron, OH)
◊ 14:00, (Semifinal) Canton Cornshuckers defeat Capitals-Columbus (OH), no score
◊ 15:30, (Championship) Canton Cornshuckers defeat Cleveland Blues (OH), no score

2019-07-20, Rochester Grangers at Mackinac Island
2019-07-27T11:00, Douglas Dutchers at Ludington Mariners (White Pines Historical Village)
2019-07-27T13:00, Fallassburgh Flats defeats Shanty Boys-Cheboygan, no score (Mackinaw City Historical Village)
2019-07-27T13:00, Lumber City-Flint at Midland River Hogs -- canceled?
2019-07-27T13:00, Saginaw Old Golds at Canton Cornshuckers (Heritage Park)

2019-07-27: Early Risers Vintage Base Ball Day (Historic Fort Wayne -- Detroit)
Game times: 11:00, 12:15, and 13:30.
◊ Early Risers-Detroit v. TBD.
◊ Continentals-Kalamazoo v. Early Risers / Bees / Rough & Readys.
◊ Eclipse-Northville v. TBD.
◊ Richmond Bees v. TBD.
◊ Rough and Readys-Stockbridge v. TBD.
◊ Wahoos-Royal Oak v. TBD.
◊ Wyandotte Stars v. TBD.
◊ Lumber City-Flint? v. TBD.

2019-07-28T13:00, Bay City Independents at Canton Cornshuckers (Heritage Park)

Postponed Games

2019-07-28, House of David Echoes v. Berrien County Parole Officers

2019-08 (August)

2019-08-01T18:30, Bay City Independents at Saginaw Old Golds (Ojibway Island)
2019-08-03T13:00, Regulars-Mt Clemens at Richmond Bees (Beebe Park)

2019-08-03T10:00: Sidney Stars Heritage Festival (Montcalm Community College)
◊ Continentals-Kalamazoo v. TBA.
◊ Ludington Mariners v. TBA.
◊ Lumber City-Flint v. TBA.
◊ 13:00, Fallassburgh-Flats defeat Ludington Mariners, no score

2019-08-04T14:00, Franklins-Detroit v. Richmond Bees at Memphis Festival (Memphis, MI)
2019-08-04T13:00, Walker Tavern Wheels at Canton Cornshuckers (Heritage Park)
2019-08-04T13:30, Lah-De-Dahs v. Nationals (Greenfield Village Walnut Grove Field)
2019-08-04T14:00, Bavarians-Frankenmuth defeated at Bay City Independents, no score
2019-08-04T14:00, Wahoos-Royal Oak at Union-Dexter (St Joseph's Church)
2019-08-07T18:00, House of David Echoes defeat Lincoln Twp Bench Beamers, no score (Stevensville Lakeshore High)
2019-08-10, Wyandotte Stars at Richmond Bees (Beebe Park)
2019-08-10T13:00, Rochester Grangers at Regulars-Mt Clemens
2019-08-11T14:00, House of David Echoes at Elkhart Co Railroaders IN (Napponee, IN)

2019-08-11: World Tournament, Day 2 (Greenfield Village)
◊ 09:30, (Field 1) 2A/Walker Tavern Wheels defeated by 2B/Saginaw Old Golds, no score
◊ 09:30, (F2) 2C/Capitals-Columbus OH defeat 2D/Bay City Independents, no score
◊ 12:30, (F2) Saginaw Old Golds defeat Capitals-Columbus -- Second Class Championship, no score

2019-08-17T11:00, Fallassburgh Flats win at Bavarians-Frankenmuth, no score
2019-08-17T12:00, South Haven Bark Peelers at Continentals-Kalamazoo (Flesher Field -- Oshtemo, MI)
2019-08-17T12:00, Gatling Gun: Livery Brewers-Benton Harbor, Ludington, Warsaw IN at House of David Echoes (Eden Springs Park)
2019-08-17T13:00, Canton Cornhuskers at Wyandotte Stars (Memorial Field)
2019-08-17T13:00, Lumber City-Flint at Union-Dexter (St. Joseph Church)
2019-08-17T13:30, Lah-De-Dahs v. Nationals (Greenfield Village Walnut Grove Field)
2019-08-17T14:00, Early Risers-Detroit v. Richmond Bees at Port Hope ABC Days
2019-08-18T13:30, Wahoos-Royal Oak defeated at Lah-De-Dahs of Greenfield Village (Walnut Grove Field), no score
2019-08-18T14:00, Canton Cornshuckers at Spiegel Grove Squires OH

2019-08-18: Ohio Village Round Robin
◊ 14:00, Bear Clan-Flat Rock at OH Village Muffins

2019-08-24, Canton Cornshuckers at Bavarians-Frankenmuth \\ doubleheader

2019-08-24: Wyandotte Classic (Wyandotte Memorial Park)
◊ 12:00, Franklins-Detroit at Wyandotte Stars
◊ 14:00, Early Risers-Detroit at Wyandotte Stars

2019-08-25T14:00, Franklins-Detroit at Canton Cornshuckers (Heritage Park)
2019-08-31T13:30, Monitors-Chelsea split 2 games at Mansfield Independents (Ohio Reformatory)
2019-08-31T14:00, Canton Cornshuckers at Union-Dexter

2019-08-31: 28th Ohio Cup, Day 1 (Ohio Village -- Columbus, OH).
◊ 11:00, (Muffin Meadow) OH Village Muffins "O" v. Wahoos-Royal Oak
◊ 13:00, (Capitoline Field) St Louis Maroons MO v. Wahoos-Royal Oak
◊ 13:00, (Elysian Field) Douglas Dutchers v. Cincinnati Red Stockings OH
◊ 15:00, (Capitoline Field) German Village 9 OH v. Wahoos-Royal Oak
◊ 16:00, (Capitoline Field) Douglas Dutchers v. Deep River Grinders IN

2019-09 (September)

2019-09-01T13:00, Grace Lutheran Hornets at House of David Echoes (Eden Springs Park)

2019-09-01: 28th Ohio Cup, Day 2 (Ohio Village -- Columbus, OH)
◊ 10:00 (Muffin Meadow) Douglas Dutchers at OH Village Muffins "O"
◊ 12:00 (Elysian Field) Smithville Stars OH v. Wahoos-Royal Oak
◊ 13:00 (Muffin Meadow) Douglas Dutchers v. Somerset Frosty Sons of Thunder PA
◊ 15:00 (Union Grounds) Douglas Dutchers v. Wahoos-Royal Oak

2019-09-07, Wahoos-Royal Oak at Community Event (St. Anne de Detroit)
2019-09-07T12:00, Gatling Gun: House of David Echoes, Livery Brewers-Benton Harbor at South Haven Bark Peelers (Kids Corner)
2019-09-07T14:00, Lumber City-Flint at Lapeer Tigers
2019-09-08T11:00, Richmond Bees v. Lapeer Tigers (Fort Gratiot Lighthouse)
2019-09-08T13:00, Early Risers-Detroit v. Wyandotte Stars at Holly Festival
2019-09-08T13:00, Walker Tavern Wheels at Rochester Grangers (Van Hoosen Park)
2019-09-12T18:00, House of David Echoes at Bangor Cubs
2019-09-14T13:00, Regulars-Mt Clemens at Mighty River Hogs-Midland (Nouvel High School -- Saginaw)
2019-09-15T13:00, Canton Cornshuckers at Detroit Early Risers (Historic Fort Wayne)
2019-09-15T14:00, Chicago Salmon at House of David (Eden Springs Park)
2019-09-21, Kalamzoo v. Plainwell Local All Star Team
2019-09-21T13:00, Lumber City-Flint at Regulars-Mt Clemens (Clinton Twp library/Clinton Twp Festival of the Senses)

2019-09-21: Michigan State Tournament (Host: Bay City Independents at Carroll Park)
◊ 09:00, Saginaw Old Golds defeated by Walker Tavern Wheels, no score
◊ 10:30, Bay City Independents defeated by Canton Cornshuckers, no score
◊ 12:00, (Consolation) Saginaw Old Golds at Bay City Independents

2019-09-22T13:00, Franklins-Detroit at Straight Farmhouse-Nankin (Livonia Greenland Historic Park)
2019-09-22T13:00, House of David Echoes at Livery Brewers-Benton Harbor (Hop Yard or Eden Springs)
2019-09-28T13:00, Straight Farmhouse-Nankin at Wyandotte Stars (Memorial Field)

2019-10 (October)

2019-10-05T12:00: House of David Hop Yard Classic (Eden Springs Park)
◊ Teams: House of David Echoes (host), Livery Brewers-Benton Harbor, South Haven Bark Peelers.