Michigan Vintage Base Ball
Unofficial Scores
by timStats, LLC

Michigan Vintage Base Ball Scores

The goal is to collect and post as many scores involving Michigan vintage base ball teams as possible. Consistent with the era's emphasis on gentlemanly competition, standings will not be posted unless I'm specifically asked to do so on an official basis.

Scores may be reported via Twitter, the above e-mail/feedback form, or contact+vbb {at} timsSports {dot} com.

2020 Season

Men's Information

2020 Men's Team Listing. (Last updated Friday, 12-Jun-2020 17:47:42 PDT)

2020 Men's Composite Schedule.

2020 Men's Scores.

Women's Information

2020 Women's Composite Schedule.

2019 Season

Men's Information

2019 Men's Team Listing. (Last updated Friday, 18-Oct-2019 18:17:14 PDT)

2019 Men's Opponent Listing. (Last updated Friday, 18-Oct-2019 18:17:51 PDT)

2019 Men's Scores.

2019 Men's Missing Scores.

Women's Information

2019 Women's Team Listing. (Last updated Monday, 29-Jul-2019 14:23:35 PDT)

2019 Women's Scores.